After receiving the diagnosis of exogenous Cushing syndrome, Schumer feels "reborn."

High-dose steroid injections can cause Cushing syndrome, which is typified by a round, red, and full face, as well as other symptoms including thin skin and weight gain

The Mayo Clinic states that it happens when the body produces too much of the cortisol hormone.

I feel reincarnated. There are a few varieties of Cushing's that exist. There are some that can be fatal," he said in the interview.

and require removal of the adrenal glands or brain surgery.

"I was in the MRI machines for four hours at a time, my veins shut down because of the amount of blood taken out,

And when I was pressing cameras for my Hulu show, I was thinking that maybe I won't be around to see my son [Gene] grow up."

"It was the best news I could have ever imagined to find that I have the kind of Cushing that will just work itself out and that I am healthy," she said.